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  • Channing Tatum Out-Vogues Madonna, Makes the Funky Chicken Dance Sexy ...
  • There aren't many men who can make the "funky chicken" sexy, and there are even fewer who could even think of out-vogueing Madonna, but this Magic XXL hunk is a true American treasure—he can do it all! In video for Vanity Fair, Channing demonstrated ...
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  • Channing Tatum channels his inner Madonna for Vanity Fair (Video)
  • She did the “Pour It Up” video. For a performer like Rihanna, nudity has become a sort of burlesque: it's powerful.
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  • Channing Tatum Dances Madonna's Vogue, Teases Return to Stripping: 'I'll ...
  • Have you seen the new music video for Madonna's “Bitch, I'm Madonna” single? It's a four-minute explosion of color, hotel-party insanity, and wait-who-was-that cameos.
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  • Rihanna Is the Bad Bitch We Need and Her Tarantino-Style Revenge Porn for ...
  • This week in music videos was really strong on concepts, specifically taking very conventional ideas and maximizing their impact with a great twist on art direction.
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  • A still from Rihanna's 2015 music video "Bitch Better Have My Money"
  • In a video posted by Vanity Fair on July 1, Channing Tatum, 35, busted out seven perfect dance moves in only 30 seconds. That's an impressive feat just by itself!
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  • Rihanna's shocking new song and other controversial music videos
  • Madonna's latest video for “Bitch I'm Madonna,” the third single off of her 13th studio album, Rebel Heart, divided the internet, as any Madonna act in 2015 is wont to do. Related: Madonna's “Bitch, I'm Madonna” Featuring Everyone–And Rita Ora–Just ...
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  • What's Wrong With The 'Bitch, I'm Madonna' Video
  • Ariana Grande performed a mashup of Whitney Houston's "I'm Every Woman" and Madonna's "Vogue" at NYC Gay Pride's Dance on the Pier.
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  • Madonna's 'Bitch I'm Madonna' Video Is Hilarious Without Music
  • Madonna Rehabilitation Hospital said it recently became the first hospital in Nebraska to use video monitors to keep an eye on patients every moment of the day.
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  • Audio Visuals: Nicki Minaj Hijacks Madonna's Music Video
  • Taylor Swift and Madonna are admirers of each other, despite the media's love of pitting them against each other. They are both the “Queen of Pop” for their particular generation.
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  • Madonna & Nicki Minaj's "Bitch I'm Madonna" Debuts at #84 on Hot 100
  • While it seems that if anything pop culture music icon Madonna would have made friends with the likes of Nick Minaj, Miley Cyrus and Katy Perry by casting them in her new music video, Wendy Williams thinks it might have been the biggest mistake of the ...
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  • Madonna. Video-clip: Crazy For You

  • (High-Quality, VOB format, MV-Album: Best Of Love Songs Vol.1)
  • Madonna Feat. Justin Timberlake And Timbaland. Video-clip: 4 Minutes (Live)

  • (High-Quality, VOB format, MV-Album: Screenplay VJ-Pro Dance Vision April 2010)
  • Madonna. Video-clip: Lucky Star

  • (High-Quality, VOB format, MV-Album: Hot Video Classics Best Of 84-86 Vol.5)
  • Madonna. Video-clip: Give It 2 Me

  • (High-Quality, VOB format, MV-Album: Club Video October 2008)
  • Madonna. Video-clip: Ray Of Light

  • (High-Quality, VOB format, MV-Album: Screenplay VJ-Pro Classic Vision 90s Pop Vol.4 March 2010)
  • Madonna. Video-clip: Holiday

  • (High-Quality, VOB format, MV-Album: UK All Time Party Classics Vol.2)

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