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  • Madonna in Toronto on Rebel Heart Tour
  • Another Rebel Heart song, Bitch I'm Madonna - featuring Nicki Minaj rapping on the video screen - followed before she broke out her first oldie but goodie, Burning Up, while playing electric guitar, sometimes on her knees on that catwalk.
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  • Madonna Reconnects With Detroit Hometown Fans At Joe Louis Arena Concert
  • Gloria Trevi's life story is so absolutely insane it became a movie, which she says brought her to tears -- but the "Mexican Madonna" cracked up when we suggested she perform for Donald Trump. Trevi survived one of the biggest scandals in the history ...
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  • Mel, Carl, and Christian: the Madonna Experience
  • Madonna Brings Out Nelly Furtado In Toronto, Makes Her Her “B*tch” For The Night! [Video]. Madonna brings a fan on stage every time she performs “Unapologetic Bitch” on her “Rebel Heart World Tour” and calls every one of them lucky ones their “bitch ...
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  • 'Mexican Madonna' Gloria Trevi Would Give Donald Trump a Second Chance, If ...
  • Madonna, who was raised Roman Catholic, has had her share of run-ins with the Vatican. Her video for her 1989 hit "Like A Prayer" featured burning crosses and stigmata and outraged religious leaders.
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  • Madonna Brings Out Nelly Furtado In Toronto, Makes Her Her “B*tch” For The ...
  • Even before Madonna took the stage Monday at the United Center, the senses hit overload. Warrior dancers hoisted crosses, Mike Tyson issued threats from the video screen, fake blood streamed as if from a tabloid murder photo, and “Twinkle, Twinkle ...
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  • Madonna Makes Light of Dancer Grinding Her on Instagram, Receives Backlash for ...
  • “Like a Prayer” video, 1989. Mixing issues of racism and religion, this clip is about the murder of a white girl by a group of white men.
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  • Madonna's Rebel Heart Tour Is Broken
  • 1 pop single, but it is also the first time she courts controversy - some groups claim the song and the video promoted premarital sex.
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  • Madonna Talks Rebel Heart Tour, Why She Wants to Have Tea With the Pope
  • Ethyl (Bedtime Story): I don't know if it's my favourite Madonna but it's the one I can achieve the best because I'm the oldest in the group.
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  • Watch Madonna Dedicate a Song to Pope Francis
  • There's a long tradition in popular culture of artists who pushed the envelope and redefined the boundaries, but when it comes to pop music, few performers have so gleefully filled the role of iconoclast as Madonna. To say that she's been a ...
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  • VIDEO: Madonna Dedicates 'La Vie en Rose' to Pope Francis
  • So with that in mind I have a feeling that watching Madonna's tours through YouTube videos and communicating with fellow diehard fans through forums and messages boards will pale in comparison to finally conversing with them face to face in her ...
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  • Madonna. Video-clip: Erotica

  • (High-Quality, VOB format, MV-Album: Telegenics Number 116D. Dance Plus. November 1992)
  • Madonna. Video-clip: Love Profusion

  • (High-Quality, VOB format, MV-Album: Rock America Videopool February 2004)
  • Britney Spears Feat. Madonna. Video-clip: Me Against The Music (Rockamerica Remix)

  • (High-Quality, VOB format, MV-Album: Rock America Videopool December 2003)
  • Madonna. Video-clip: Vogue (12 Inch Mix)

  • (High-Quality, VOB format, MV-Album: Telegenics Number 87D. Dance Plus. June 1990)
  • Madonna. Video-clip: Bedtime Story

  • (High-Quality, VOB format, MV-Album: ETV ET-VideoLink Nite Life 215 April 1995)
  • Madonna. Video-clip: Secret

  • (High-Quality, VOB format, MV-Album: ETV ET-VideoLink Nite Life 210 November 1994)

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