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  • Madonna Spanks Surprise Guest Ariana Grande In Concert — Watch
  • The last leg of Madonna's Rebel Heart Tour took a turn for the naughty as the Material Girl gave Ariana Grande a serious spanking!
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  • Madonna Spanks Ariana Grande on Stage for Rebel Heart Tour [INSTAGRAM VIDEOS]
  • Pop diva Madonna has waded into the war of words over Taiwanese identity after draping herself in the island's flag, sparking ire in China, where any suggestion of independence is scorned.
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  • Madonna Is An Unapologetic Bitch After Spanking Ariana Grande On Stage!
  • The song "Watch Me (Whip/Nae Nae)" was an unstoppable force in pop culture in 2015. Silentó's maniacally catchy track not only cracked YouTube's 10 most watched music videos of the year, but also became a runaway dance phenomenon. The dance ...
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  • Ariana Grande Got Spanked By Madonna
  • Madonna Thanks Fans for Support During Custody Battle. More. The music star posted a letter of support on Instagram as she battles ex-husband Guy Richie for custody of their teenage son, Rocco.
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  • Video: Madonna embroiled in Taiwan-China row over flag
  • Some Madonna fans show their support for the Material Girl by going to her show at Philips Arena every few years when she rolls through town (settle down fanatics, that was not an age joke).
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  • Watch Madonna Perform 'Take a Bow' in Concert for First Time
  • Madonna's association with Pepsi includes a 1989 commercial that was pulled due to controversy over her "Like a Prayer" video. While "Express Yourself" was never in a Pepsi ad, "it was within that album and era that we had worked with Madonna before," ...
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  • Madonna causes a commotion in Taiwan
  • The ballad's iconic music video first introduced Madge's image as a stately Spanish maven, and serves as a direct influence on her recent vid for "Living for Love," the first single off Rebel Heart.
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  • Madonna cofounded a startup that manufactures viral dance trends - and 'Whip/Nae Nae' was its first monster hit
  • It has appeared in more movie's than even the most seasoned stars and sits in the city considered the birthplace of cinema. Made famous by classic films such as Grease and Terminator 2, and music videos from the likes of Madonna and Kanye West, the ...
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  • Madonna cofounded a startup that creates viral dance trends -- and 'Whip/Nae Nae' was its first monster hit
  • The advent of MTV in 1981 led musicians to envision hit songs, and soon concert productions, as TV and video vignettes. But that transition ... M.I.A. managed to upstage an entire queenly Madonna extravaganza with one raised middle finger in 2012. But ...
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  • Madonna Thanks Fans for Support During Custody Battle
  • Or Madonna. OR BEYONCÉ. In honor of this Sunday's sure-to-be dance-filled spectacular (Beyyyyyy we're so glad you're back!
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