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  • VIDEO: Madonna blesses Italian nun's version of 'Like A Virgin'
  • Madonna has given her blessing to an Italian nun who has recorded a copy of her hit "Like A Virgin." The megastar took to social media to back Sister Cristina Scuccia , who has recorded a version of the 1984 hit ahead of the release of her album next ...
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  • VIDEO: Sister Cristina Scuccia, Italian Ursuline nun, covers Madonna's 'Like a ...
  • Arturo Avina, the Los Angeles teacher behind last year's so-heartwarming-it'll-make-you-cry video of his kindergarten class performing a LGBT Pride message of love, is back with a new bunch of kiddos and an exciting new twist on how to learn the ABCs.
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  • Madonna 'endorses' Singing Nun on release of 'Like a Virgin' cover
  • Asked if he was disappointed to be snubbed by Madonna, he says, "I was a bit put out!" He adds, "Also, in a way I don't want to be friends with these people.
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  • Kindergarteners Put a Madonna Spin on Learning the Alphabet: VIDEO
  • Madonna's famed, fabled “Like A Virgin” performance at the first-ever Video Music Awards in 1984 is one of the most important and most unforgettable VMA performances ever, if not one of the most iconic pop performances of all time.
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  • VIDEO: Graham Norton talks Madonna snub, and igniting a bromance between ...
  • Madonna, the legendary musical icon, will be celebrated throughout the vast collection which includes the famous Marilyn Monroe inspired dress, stole and jewelry worn in Madonna's 'Material Girl' video (dress and stole estimate: $20,000-$40,000), and ...
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  • Here's The Wardrobe Malfunction That Made Madonna's 'Like A Virgin' VMA ...
  • In 2008, she garnered low scores on “Dancing With the Stars” and was quickly eliminated. Five years earlier, Madonna proved she still had it by planting French kisses on Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera at the MTV Video Music Awards, breaking ...
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  • The Real Story Behind Madonna's Iconic 'Like a Virgin' Performance at the 1984 ...
  • Diplo has shed some light on his next collaborator, the mysterious producer Sophie who has rapidly become one of the most talked-about anonymous names of 2014.
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  • Madonna Music Video and Film Clothes, Accessories Up for Auction
  • The Dead Betties cover Madonna's underrated '80s hit, "Angel," in their latest video. The clip features women embodying five of the Queen of Pop's most iconic personas, including the street urchin of "Desperately Seeking Susan" and the "Erotica ...
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  • Madonna's wedding dress to fetch up to $60000 in auction
  • Madonna was already something of a household name when "Like a Virgin" was released, on Nov. 6, 1984 (two months after we heard it for the first time at the inaugural MTV Video Music Awards), but the song made her pop's impending queen. It gave ...
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  • Kim Kardashian vs. Madonna: The ultimate sexy, outrageous showdown
  • This undated photo provided by Julien's Auctions shows the wedding dress pop icon Madonna wore when she married Sean Penn in 1985 that brought in $81,250 during Julien's two-day Icons & Idols: Rock n' Roll auction in Beverly Hills, Calif.
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  • Madonna. Video-clip: Bad Girl

  • (High-Quality, VOB format, MV-Album: Telegenics Number 120C. Top 40. March 1993)
  • Madonna. Video-clip: Who's That Girl

  • (High-Quality, VOB format, MV-Album: Telegenics Number 53B. Volume Five. August 1987)
  • Madonna. Video-clip: Deeper And Deeper

  • (High-Quality, VOB format, MV-Album: Telegenics Number 118D. Dance Plus. January 1993)
  • Madonna. Video-clip: Erotica

  • (High-Quality, VOB format, MV-Album: Telegenics Number 116D. Dance Plus. November 1992)
  • Madonna. Video-clip: Love Profusion

  • (High-Quality, VOB format, MV-Album: Rock America Videopool February 2004)
  • Britney Spears Feat. Madonna. Video-clip: Me Against The Music (Rockamerica Remix)

  • (High-Quality, VOB format, MV-Album: Rock America Videopool December 2003)

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